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Dyop® - Dynamic Optotype™

Helping the world see clearly, one person at a time.



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The Dyop® test takes the guesswork out of visual clarity.


Experimental Dyop® PC Visual Acuity Test

Adobe Flash format

Experimental Dyop® Test - Users Guide

Adobe Acrobat format

Dyop® Concept Summary

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iPad versions of the Dyop® test

Dyop® iPad Test


Free iPhone Controller for Dyop® iPad test


SmartPhone Dyop® Acuity Test

Dyop® Patient Brochure

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The Experimental Dyop Visual Acuity Test (link above) is intended to be viewed at either 20 or 10 or 5 feet from your Personal Computer monitor, and to give you a precise indication of your visual clarity.  Selecting the correct monitor size and viewing distance insures that the rings are properly calibrated.  The SmartPhone test can be used on either an iPhone or an Android device.


To use the Experimental Dyop Visual Acuity Test, open the link for the test, fill in the value of your viewing distance from the Monitor, and calibrate the monitor size using the “Calibration Credit Card” image.  Click the Dyop logo to begin the test.  Sit or stand the desired distance from your monitor and observe the motion of the initial Dyop rings.  (See screen shots below).  Use the mouse scroll wheel or the Up/Down screen arrows to reduce the diameter of the Dyop ring to determine the arc width of the smallest Dyop that can clearly be detected as rotating.  That arc width is an indicator of your visual clarity endpoint.


Since we actually see in Red, Green, and Blue rather than just Black/White, you can also check your clarity in color.  There is an extreme likelihood that a preferential genetic perception of Blue-on-Black versus Green-on White is indicative of symptoms of dyslexia, migraines, and epilepsy.  Some visual conditions such as early onset of glaucoma also have an increased deficiency to detect Yellow and Blue.


The images below are static screen shots of the PC version of the test, and NOT the actual test.


Welcome Screen

Calibration Screen – Viewing Distance and Monitor Size

Click the Dyop logo to start the test

Initial Dyop Arc Width 19.2 – Snellen 20/102

Dyop Arc Width 7.6 arc minutes – Snellen 20/20

Dyop Arc Width 7.6 arc minutes – Snellen 20/20

Use the Space Bar to BLANK the Controls

Maximum Dyop Arc Width 57.2 arc minutes – Snellen 20/702

Dyop Basic Acuity options

Dyop ColorMatrix™ color/contrast options



Genetic Color Group Screening

Red/Green Balance

Acuity in Blue

Acuity in Green

Acuity in Yellow

Acuity in Red



Dyop Refraction Test Instructions

Dyop Concept Explanation



iPad Acuity Test Screen Shots

iPad Acuity Test Screen Shots

iPad Dyop Basic Acuity

iPad Dyop Controls

iPad Dyop Indicators

Dyop iPad Acuity in Red

Dyop iPad Acuity in Green

Dyop iPad Acuity in Blue

Dyop iPad Acuity in Green-on-White

Dyop iPad Acuity in Blue-on-Black




Your visual clarity may not be the same for each eye (and differs for clarity in color).  Check clarity first with BOTH EYES and then EACH EYE individually.  Your visual clarity endpoint is the arc width diameter of the Dyop® ring at the correct viewing distance.  A 7.6 arc minute visual acuity endpoint is equivalent to the Snellen 20/20 ratio.


Example: If your viewing distance is 10 feet from the Dyop ring, and the smallest Dyop ring you can detect rotating without using your glasses has a 15.2 arc minute width (13.5 diameter wide) then your visual clarity is similar to the Snellen ratio of 20/40.


Note: Dyop tests are for vision screening purposes only and are NOT a substitute for an examination by a licensed vision care professional.  The computerized Dyop tests use Adobe Flash and may be viewed virtually any computer using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (with ActiveX enabled) or Firefox or Safari or other graphics viewers such as Irfanview with the Flash Graphic plug-ins and the free Adobe Flash Graphic Viewer enabled.  To use the Dyop tests on a Tablet/SmartPhone, such as an iPad or iPhone, you need to use the Adobe Flash SWIFFY HTML Dyop test versions, however, the SWIFFY HTML tests will NOT properly display with older versions of Internet Explorer.


The Dyop® (Dynamic Optotype™) tests and concept are covered under U.S. Patent US 8,083,353

and International Published Patent WO 2011/022428.

For further information contact: Allan Hytowitz at Allan@DyopVision.org

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