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Dyop® - Dynamic Optotype™

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Visual Impairment Screening in 40 seconds or less


Tablet or Laptop Dyop® Visual Impairment Test

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Smartphone Dyop® Visual Impairment Test

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Dyop® Visual Impairment Response Form

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This test has anecdotal proof-of-concept validation, but is strictly EXPERIMENTAL,

and has not yet been clinically or academically validated.


We are seeking assistance to have this test clinically validated.


The eye has a preference for motion detection.  Conditions of visual impairment such as alcohol and marijuana intoxication, dementia, post-traumatic stress, or concussion injuries MAY result in a measurable reduction of cognition and motor skills.  That associated reduction in motor and cognition skills MIGHT be quantitatively indicated by an impairment in motion detection as either a delayed response or an increase incidence of errors in locating and identifying the location and spinning direction of selected Dyop® rings.


The Dyop® Visual Impairment Test requires a person to identify the location and spinning direction of a Dyop® ring out of the five Dyop® rings on the screen, four of which are static.   (The following are STATIC image screenshots.)


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After the initial spin direction selection, that first spinning Dyop® ring becomes static and a different Dyop® ring starts spinning until there have been 10 spinning ring trials, with each of the 5 Dyop® rings spinning twice.  The program is intended for use on an iPad or other 10-inch tablet such as an Android tablet.


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The "normal" non-invasive screening response has all 10 of the Dyop® ring spinning sequences properly identified in approximately 14 to 20 seconds with no errors and should take 30 seconds or less if there is NO visual impairment.  Visual impairment (such as from one glass of wine or 1 joint of marijuana) should slow the 10-sequence test response to 30 or more seconds with 1 or more errors.  Concussion errors or other sources of dementia should have the same delayed and increased errors response, as alcohol or marijuana.  The more visual (and mental) impairment there is, the longer it takes to complete the test with an increasing number of errors.  


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We are seeking assistance to have this test clinically validated.


Letter from Governor Tom McCall


Note: Dyop® vision tests are for screening purposes only and are NOT a substitute for an examination by a licensed vision care professional.  The Dyop® computer tests are in a Windows, HTML or iOS format and may be viewed using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (with ActiveX enabled) or Firefox or Safari or other graphic viewers such as Irfanview. 



The Dyop® (Dynamic Optotype™) tests and concept are covered under U.S. Patent US 8,083,353

and International Published Patent WO 2011/022428.

For further information contact: Allan Hytowitz at Allan@DyopVision.com

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