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In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.




Progressive Dyslexia

Progressive Lenses



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We are no longer in

The Age of Information,

or even

The Age of Information Overload.

We are now in

The Age of Information Comprehension


The skill of properly filtering, understanding, and validating Information

is now more important than the Information itself.


For the first 300,000 years of human evolution, physical strength initially was the primary skill necessary for survival.  For the past 10,000 years, the survival of humans further evolved to where the use of knowledge and information enabled humans to become dominant.  However, information is now so plentiful that the key to survival is no longer the acquisition of information, but rather the ability to properly filter (or weed-out) extraneous information.  Knowing what to ignore has now become as important as what you know.  Being able to clearly see and comprehend relevant information has become the key to survival. 


While comprehension is an art, reading is a use of vision that was NOT originally in our evolutionary makeup.  Instead, we have taken our binary perspective of "us versus them" or "food versus predator" and refined that into a multiplicity of terms and labels to give "airy nothingness a local habitation and a name" which we call words.


As you read these words on your electronic display (or printed on paper) you likely fail to realize that the same biology that lets you see words has NOT changed from that of our "caveman ancestors" in over 5000 years, when sounds began to be codified as symbols.  The perceptual skills that let you see rocks, trees, clouds, the sky, plants, and animals have evolved to let you interpret the coded symbols we subconsciously compile into words and concepts.


Dyslexia is commonly described as a comprehension disorder where a person miscues the identity or sequence of letters, and or numbers, resulting in a reduced ability to read and comprehend words.  Dyslexia is normally viewed as a biological condition resulting from neural pathways improperly transmitting information.


Induced Dyslexia is a comprehension disorder caused by misaligned and/or mis-prescribed glasses, primarily progressive glasses.  Progressive glasses, unlike single-vision lenses, have a continuous range of magnification in the lower half of the lens that allows the wearer to see close objects from the graduated reduction in viewing magnification.  To see "clearly" the wearer moves their head to face the object, and then raises or lowers the horizontal angle of their head to match the magnification necessary to bring the object into focus.


While progressive glasses create specific areas of clear vision, at the same time they inherently reduce peripheral vision.  Comprehension, however, is also dependent upon peripheral vision which progressive glasses inadvertently minimize with the result being Induced Dyslexia.  Progressive lenses mask the loss of both peripheral cognition as well as the stimulus overload from Static Visual Acuity tests.


What facilitates optimum visual clarity is a Dynamic Visual Acuity test.   Static vision tests deplete the response of the photoreceptors and inherently overminus a refraction as well as providing a less precise and less consistent refraction.


The photoreceptor depletion response is illustrated by the The Lilac Chaser Illusion When you fixate on the Plus (+) in the center of the ring of Pink circles below, you will likely see the Pink circles seeming to rotate around that Plus.  But it is also likely that you will see a single moving Green circle which appears to spin around the plus.  The illusion of the Green circle appearing is because of the depletion of the Red photoreceptor refresh resulting in the inability to “see” the color Red and creating the illusion (delusion) that the depleted photoreceptor area is seeing a Green circle. 



 The Lilac Chaser Illusion

The Lilac Chaser Illusion


This page is dedicated to helping people overcome that problem.



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