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Visual Acuity Testing for Children over one year of age in 20 seconds or less

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Infant Visual Acuity in 60 seconds or less


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Prototype Dyop® Children’s Test


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Prototype Infant Acuity Test


The Dyop® Children’s Visual Acuity Screening Test for Children over one year of age is a rapid (approximately 30 seconds per color/combination) and simple way to measure the visual acuity for young child (or visual acuity of a non-verbal adult) with a method that directly relates to Dyop® adult visual acuity. 


This test can be used on a 22-inch diagonal monitor at a three-foot viewing distance or an iPad at a one-foot viewing distance.  The appropriate monitor size and viewing distance should provide a sufficient separation between the static and spinning Dyop® rings on each side of the display to enable tracking the subjects’ head and eye motion.  The typical response of a young child is to watch the side of the monitor with the spinning Dyop® ring rather than the side of the monitor with static Dyop® ring.  Click Start to begin the test.


Prototype Dyop Children’s Test (screen shot)


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As the location of the spinning Dyop® ring alternates from side to side on the monitor, young children will change their fixation to instinctively move their head and eyes to focus on the spinning Dyop® ring.  A mirror may be strategically placed so that an observer holding a young child in their lap can use that mirror to better watch the child's eyes and head motion.  With a 19-inch diagonal monitor, the visual acuity endpoint distance is 30 inches feet rather than 3 feet.  With a 15-inch diagonal monitor, the visual acuity endpoint distance is 24 inches feet rather than 3 feet. 


Each part of the test takes about 30 seconds.  Initially, the young child should be sitting at a three-foot viewing distance from the monitor.  The young child should be able to observe the spinning of the 20-foot 20/20 Dyop® visual acuity endpoint


Clicking Start for Black/White or Red or Green or Blue test will have the Dyop® rings begin to get incrementally smaller from the 10 to 8 to 6-to-4-foot visual acuity endpoints.  The young child should be able to demonstrate that they are tracking the location of the spinning Dyop® by alternately moving their head and eyes from side to side as the location of the spinning Dyop® ring changes.  If the young child has 20/20 visual acuity, they SHOULD be able to detect the location and spinning of the smallest (and final) 4-foot 20/20 Dyop® at a three-foot viewing distance.  The visual acuity endpoint diameters may also be manually validated using the 20, 15, 10-, 8-, 6-, and 4-foot endpoint sizes.  If the rings are too small for the subject to detect the spinning, visual problem would be indicated by the young child rapidly moving their head and eyes from side to side trying to locate the spinning Dyop®.  This can also be validated by moving the child closer to the monitor to see if the subject can detect the spinning of the smaller Dyop® rings. 


Repeat the visual screening test for Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue colored Dyop® rings.


You can verify the young child’s response by moving them outside of the visual acuity endpoint distance (further away) from the monitor.  The response from a distance outside of the visual acuity endpoint will be for a young child to rapidly move their head and eyes from side to side trying to locate the side of the panel with the spinning Dyop® rings.  A verbal child will typically blurt out, “It’s disappeared!!!!!


Note: Dyop® tests are for vision screening purposes only and are NOT a substitute for an examination by a licensed vision care specialist




The Dyop® (Dynamic Optotype™) tests and concept are covered under U.S. Patent US 8,083,353

and International Published Patent WO 2011/022428.

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